So Far this Winter

While I have started my blog today, to be completely fair I have been working on things for a month now.



Weather: various temperatures between 20 and 70 all month. Some heavy rains, no snow.

  • Went on craigslist and picked up 255 used (somewhat cracked) red bricks for free from a gentleman who is rebuilding his house.
  • Saw a “Going out of Business” ad for a local dentist office (dentist was retiring). Visited and was given 15 dead and/ or dying house plants with dirt and pots. Also given permission to take the decorative rocks out of the entrance way as the landlord was going to raze the building and trash everything.Got two 20 gallon totes of white rocks.
  • Sacrificed a plastic tote from my collection and made an indoor compost bin for my kitchen waste.
  • I have already had an approved compost bin outside and a rain barrel.
  • Arranged with a friend to have her save her kitchen waste in a standard litter container (35 lbs) to be brought to me when full.
  • Saved six plastic clay litter jugs for water cans to add to my collection of three cans that leak badly.

Over the course of the month I….

  • ..Lined a 10×20 space with the red bricks.
  • Removed all grass and weeds.
  • With help dug a 3 feet wide, 10 feet long and three feet deep pit in the middle of the area. Gathered branches, decaying leaves and pine needles and wet newspaper. Along with some of the kitchen compost, took those gathered items and filled up the pit as much as I could and put the dirt back. This is apparently called “lasagna gardening”  and will allow for not only faster decomp, but a workable mound for root vegetables.
  • Covered with a straw netting given to me by my mother two years ago.
  • Gathered and burned four copies of the complete sunday times newspaper (sans magazines) for pot ash. Also collecting 6 more newspapers to make more for compost.
  • Gathered 200 plastic plant pots (of various sizes) that were given to me by my mom who had been saving them for over 10 years, sorted and set out 6 for the flower -bee garden on the side of the yard.
  • Laid down some random wood planking that had been in the shed for 10+ years to delay the growth of weeds and grass and start a walkway.
  • Found a wooden chair to use in the garden- somehow.
  • Found two tires in the woods behind the house to maybe use as planters. Also found a shopping cart. Not sure what to do with that.
  • Gathered all of the seeds around the house and made a plan.
  • Fixed two bird houses and checked on six of the feeders.




Weather: Cold, damp and raining, with temperatures bouncing between the mid30s and 70.

(what the heck? Where is my snow fall?)

  • Burned six issues of the Sunday Times and New York Times for pot ash. Also included the cooked and soup boiled bones of a deer to add —well something. Bone meal, according to books from before the 1950s, is great for the garden. Couldn’t grind it up, but decided that cooking the meat off of them, then using the bones to make soup and then burning them will discourage any critters from coming.
  • Located three sites to gather fill dirt and mulch.

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