Feb. 23, 2017

Weather: Sunny, and 70.


Today I turned over the mulch/compost. It has not been decaying correctly due to the extreme weather patterns. Basically, this needs to be warm and wet at all times.  So I took the ripped cover for a greenhouse and covered the outside container, securing it with broken bricks. The cover is from a Big Lott’s greenhouse that I was given last spring from my mother. She had bought it six years before and had kept in UNOPENED in her garage in NC. The plastic was melted together at some places and didn’t fit the frame properly. It lasted a season. Then a windy day caused it to fly into my neighbor’s fence. Too many poles were bent or broke and the cover was ripped in more places than not. I shoved it all in my shed and left it. The remaining poles will work well for beans and the cover is now in use over the mulch.

Found two more broken baskets to use as planters and took down a “live” wreath my daughter made with the scouts two months ago. The wreath is now in the garden waiting for a planter to be placed in it.

Also found a purple kids bucket that has a slice on the side. Will be great to use as a delayed watering device. Just fill with ice and have it melt.

Read an article on using dryer lint as a filler in your potted plants. Needs to be all cotton to work.



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