March 2, 2017

Weather : warm, then windy, wet and now cold.

So, the last week has been a jumble weather wise. Starting with a bitter cold, flipping between 60-70 degrees and 40-50 degrees and ending in a massive windstorm last night. Today it was damp and cold.  Might snow in the morning.

Did Persephone and Hades get into a fight or something?

The fish oil mixture worked well. Brought a lot of worms into the area. The smell lasted for a week. Also brought a lot of robins. Followed by stray cats.  Had to bury a few birds in the woods.

According to a passage from the “Methodist Ladies of Upper Baltimore Cooking on a Shoe String” (a spiral bound cookbook that offers ways to make meals stretch, various household hints  and gardening tips that will “lead you into the hands of God” that I discovered in a Little Lending Library in Middle River the other week) you should save the liquid from all of your cooking, keep them in a glass jar (making sure they are separated by type) and save them on the kitchen window ledge or another out of the way sunny location, like the fire escape, until they form a thin floating film akin to gossamer wings. Then use the liquid for each one to water the area you plan to plant that one. So potato water in the potato patch,  corn water on the corn patch and so on. Besides giving a pleasing burst of color when the sun hits them, it will also give the correct nutrients back to the new plants making them healthier.

I am not sure the science is sound here. But I did save a few jars from the cooked liquid (no seasoning here) and have placed them in the fridge for use later. Growing up, this was called pot liquor and was used for soups, sauces, cooking rice and to mix with vodka when sick.  Since I don’t plan on growing peas, I am just going to put it in the general area when I plant my seedlings.  If anyone knows if there is any truth to this “science,” please let me know.

I am gathering seeds and I will start finding places to start them.

Listia is a good website to find various things. I have been bidding on seed packets and supplies. Takes a lot of time, but there are a lot of hidden gems.

Freecycle is also good if your area has an active site. Mine isn’t active at all. I am watching craigslist. If something is within my normal area, then I will do my best to get it. So far nothing.


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