April 22, 2017: April Showers

Weather: 60, raining, fog and general damp.

The last few weeks have been busy, with days that are very nice, split with rainstorms and plunging temperatures.  The following has occurred.

All of us got together and trimmed quite a bit of growth off the fence line. This Bramble mess was a pick-up truck bed full load. This was taken to the landfill and replaced with wood chip mulch. It wasn’t enough for all of the garden spaces, but it is a good start. Another trip will occur in the next ten days.

Some of the surviving metal poles from the downed green house were used to form a frame over the strawberry patch. From three plants four years ago has continued into an ever spreading year round plant. Next season I will have to transplant them.

When cleaning out a closet under the stairs I discovered a package of deer repelling netting. This was zip tied to the poles and there are random rocks holding it down in places. The strawberries are now forming green fruit.

Thanks to the OStra-Easter-Passover holiday season I have a lot of egg shells, some of which have been added into the now hand tilled garden and other were dried and used as seed starters. Apparently you need to have a decent temperture controlled area in order to do this. The eggshell starters were in a cardboard egg box, and that just seemed to rot. It is now planted in the corner of the Edible Garden and if it grows there all the better.

I also had some containers from Moshi Ice Cream that I have used as seed starters. If you are not familiar with this brand it is gummy rice coated ice cream balls that come in little trays of three six or eight. A strange idea to eat an ice cream ball the size of a golf ball, but an interesting experience.  My first idea was to use it for sorting beads, but it is deep enough to start seeds… as long as it doesn’t get knocked out of the window still and onto the floor.  Thank you, my little Black Panther. I currently have pepper and basil started- again.

Also in the closet under the stairs, which, I must explain, has for years been the area where I just put stuff to deal with later I rediscovered two boxes of seed rolls.  One of wildflowers and the other tomatoes. Also known as seed mats these are a biodegradable material filled with seeds and covered with a tissue paper like protective layer. One tills the ground, unrolls it with the paper side up, keep it moist and volia it sprouts.  Problem 1: birds. Birds think this is a treat for them and will flock it unless you can direct them elsewhere. 2: the flowers are wildflowers and, let’s face it, most of us don’t recognise these shoots. The wildflower roll was put down before the 12th and has yet to sprout. The tomato ones are in two long planters as of yesterday.  We will see if these are 1: viable and 2: a decent way to grow things.

My daughter and I went to a Girl Scout Terrarium building event the other month. So I have gathered most of my oddly shaped glass containers and have used leftover craft sand and rocks (with some dirt) and planted some seeds. They have already sprouted.

Go figure.I finally transplanted the cypress tree that I was given from the Arbor Day Society four years ago. It has been in a pot since then, now it is in the middle of the Pollinator Garden. Hopefully, it will survive and become a nice reading spot.

I finally transplanted the cypress tree that I was given from the Arbor Day Society four years ago. It has been in a pot since then, now it is in the middle of the Pollinator Garden. Hopefully, it will survive and become a nice reading spot.

I highly suggest getting trees from the Arbor Day Society. They do manage to send you trees for your zone. If they survive the mailing and planting, you will have a nice twig growing in your yard.

We have a new lawn mower. While not part of my garden per se, it does help as it means I can get some green cuttings for my composter. In fact, after one mowing the composter is full and is now happily steaming and starting to mulchify. Mind you I did not think my grass was that long. Thanks to freecycle, I will now have a new to me composter to handle the over flow. I will also be picking up some free bags of pine chips three years old. Still usable, even if the blue color has faded. Blue? who the heck wants to dye the wood blue? Still it is free…

The weather is sort of stabilizing, so I need to get my act together and get some plants in the ground.


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