May 2, 2017

Weather: Warm, raining and all around strange.

Many things have occurred since the last posting,  and a few important things have not. I have been searching the woods behind my house for products to utilize in my garden. Over the years I have noticed that people will dump things in the wooded area. I have found pick axes, bricks, cash, shopping carts, car tires, enough random trash to fill a dumpster, trash cans (Seriously. This is how I got my latest trash can.), jackets and dead plants in broken planters. I don’t understand this. I have successfully replanted hostas, iris’ and a cactus that I found dying in half broken planters tossed in the woods.  I have also found a lot of good fertilized soil.

A walk two days ago is where I found seven large pots with dead flowers inside and five with dying trees.  Today I brought my handy dandy 5 gallon bucket from home depot to the dumping spot and collected the dirt. When doing this you have to sift through the dirt to see if it is still usable. Sometimes there is nothing but muddy clay, othertimes ants. This time the dirt was good but so dry it looks like no one had ever watered these poor plants. I shoot the roots loose and collected the dirt. The plants I left in the woods to survive on their own. It was impossible for me to determine what they were and I dislike putting things in the ground where they won’t thrive. I took the filled bucket and the broken pots home. The pots went into the recycle bin as they were missing sides and there was no way I could easily utilize them.  I went back for the trees. They are now in my back yard, still in the pots, but watered. I will figure out what to do with them later.

Why do people do this? I can not comprehend this attitude of tossing things without care. If the planter broke and the plant died, toss the planter in the recycling bin and let the plant go back to nature. Give it a chance to grow back. This can be done in your own yard. Why go through the hassle of going into the woods and dumping it? It isn’t an easy thing to do. Maybe they used the shopping carts. But that doesn’t explain the tires. I’m beginning to wish that I’ve saved them instead of rolling them to the mailbox and leaving them for someone to take. Someone always takes them. <sigh> I would have 27 of them by now if I kept them.

Freecycle, the other week, netted me with three bags of fertilizer, two bags of white rocks and a  compost bin. The same size as mine, but this one has some issues. The previous owner said that the Furry Overlords had chewed their way into it due to food scraps. Thus there are some gaping holes in the sides.  He said it was too small for his uses. My yard is bigger, but I can still use it. Mind you I do not think the holes were made by the Furry Overlords, but by the other official animal: Rat.  So I washed it and now it is right next to my other one. I used some cardboard and newspaper to cover the holes and filled it with cut grass. It works fine. Other than the blackbirds crapping on them, I have had no critter issues- no matter what I put inside.

My pepper plants have sprouted, but my basil seeds have not. It is annoying. I need to have plants in the ground soon.

I planted the cypress tree in the middle of the Butterfly & Bee garden. The clover has taken over and none of the wildflower seeds from that roll out seed strip have sprouted. But the milkweed has grown back. Along with the lone cotton plant. Which still confuses me, as I never planted this, nor is it grown around here at all. Gotta love birds.

I am now curious as to how long that roll out strip will last before decaying. It currently looks like I have toilet paper in the yard.

I have added egg shells and bone meal into the soil, along with the new dirt from the woods and freecycle. And, with some help, tilled it without a tiller.

Now all I need are plants.

Here is where the fun will begin. As none of my seeds are growing well enough I will need to buy some starter plants. At the end of this week, I will go and get some.

And then the real challenges will begin.









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