July 16, 2017

Weather: Warm, no clouds. Mid 90s.

Living a Frugal Life while Homeschooling can cause many stresses and it is sometimes difficult to overcome obstacles. Yes, everyone has difficulties and obstacles, but when you live in a Frugal Manner in a world that is not,it is a bit different to overcome those same obstacles and to recover from them.

One aspect of living a Frugal Life means living below your means. This means, buying things that will last, finding free or almost free things, using them and then finding another use form them when they wear out. It is not spending money uselessly. It also means spending $4 instead of $10 for what you do need.  If you have ever seen lists of  “ways to stop wasting money” well, that is the life you live all the time. In fact if you read any of those lists and you already do all of that you are living a type of a Frugal Life.

Another aspect of living a Frugal Life is being as self sufficient as you can be. Living off the grid or almost off the grid. This is something that I have been trying to do for years. I am at a beginners level of this, as I am hampered by my inability to raise livestock in my area, nor can I afford to detach from the electric grid. My blog is my record of how to grow a garden in this manner.

The Final aspect of living a Frugal Life is saving money that you earn. This makes sense, because if you are living below your means, then you don’t need to spend the money.  So then you take that money and pay off all bills.  Dave Ramsey has multiple books on how to do this. It is worth it to look them up and try. When that is done, ideally you will have no bills, and lots of cash. So why not save it?

This is where I have failed.

I have not managed to earn enough to pay off the bills and put into savings. In fact, the more I act in a Frugal manner, the less money I seem to be earning. Two months ago things took a downward spiral. We are still spiraling down.

It has slowed though.


One source of income that I did not put on the previous  Side Jobs post is a temp agency. Joining a temp agency and taking short term gigs, or long term contracts is a safe and reliable way to build a work history, earn decent money, and discover & hone new skills. It can hinder your frugal life, and also enrich it.

For example, right near my work place is a metal recycling place that pays more than my local one.  There are also six apartment places that are on my way, which are perfect for dumpster diving. There is a MOMs (My Organic Markets) that has a Little Free Library (Yay Books!), daily samples (Kale & Blackberry Jelly?) and accepts battery recycling!

So for the next six months I will be working as a temp in the second shift (3pm to 1am). The money is decent, but it is playing merry havoc  on my gardening schedules. This, along with the weather, is why I have two dead squash plants and an empty water barrel. I have been gardening, but not as much as I have hoped to. As I adjust to my schedule I will post my gardening activities. I wonder if I can figure out how to weed in the dark?







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