May 3, 2018

Weather: Sunny, and 90


Hello Spring!

Goodbye Spring!

Welcome Summer!


Dear Gods what happened? One nice day of warmish weather and straight to hot.

Now comes the full time work.

So far, other than the strawberry plants and the chives NOTHING  is big enough to plant.  So I am going to focus on getting some potting soil and planting in containers.

I will need a lot of soil and some of it will be coming from a friend. As I have a pick up truck, next week we will be going to get her plants. Normally she “feeds the dragon,” but this time I’ll ask for the equivalent in potting soil.

In another post I will show pictures of my interior gardens, but not today.

I also have a potato plant growing in my composter.  I am not sure if I should replant it or just see what happens.

I have two Holiday trees that I re-potted a month ago, which are now dying.  Not sure if they would survive in the ground or not.I never seems to plant trees in the correct spot. So now I will just plant them in the woods and hope they take.

More on this later.




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