May 31, 2018

Weather: Warm, Sunny, with thunder storms.   My plants are drowning due to the storms. The ground is turning to clay. The strawberry plants are rotting due to the constant rain. On the other hand there are a lot of new mushrooms sprouting every where. It took 90 days, but ChipDrop has finally contacted me … Continue reading May 31, 2018


May 20-23, 2018

Weather: Wet, warm, Damp to swampy Yay! It's raining! It's pouring! The veggies are drowning. Honestly this rain is preventing me from planting any seedlings. I have 16 pepper seedlings ready for transplanting, but the 3 inches of daily rain is making the ground too damp to plant. Root rot any one? What to do, … Continue reading May 20-23, 2018